Deacon Ministry

helpinghands.jpgThe Diaconate at Grace has established a new ministry team to care for the needs of the church body. The purpose of this ministry is to assist the pastors and elders of Grace in the same manner that the deacon ministry was established by the twelve disciples in Acts 6:1-6. This new ministry team, the Deacon Care Ministry is here to care for the sick, the afflicted, and those who have financial needs. The following areas are the primary care needs that the Deacon Care Ministry will provide to the church:

Visitation:  We are here to serve you when your family needs hospital visitation or visitation when confined to their home because of illness or inability to get out.

Bereavement:  We will provide comfort and support to individuals and families who have experienced the death of a family member or friend. 

Benevolence and Crisis: We will provide financial assistance to those in need from our “deacon fund”, or help you find other available sources of assistance, if necessary. All requests will be kept strictly confidential among the Deacon Care Ministry team assigned to care for this need. The team will come along side you to pray for you, provide counsel, and encourage you through your financial crisis.

Meals: Mercy Ministry will provide meals for people in our Grace Fellowship who are sick, had surgery, had a baby, experienced a family death or other crisis.

Mentoring:  A team member, or more than one member if requested, will meet with you on a regular basis to pray with you, encourage you, and to provide counsel to those experiencing relational problems, going through any personal crisis or needing spiritual encouragement.

The Grace Diaconate is led by one of our elders, Rich Kinney. If you have any of the above needs, please contact Rich by email at

The rest of the deacon team consists of Bill Johnson, Peggy Zavoral, Harold Mindeman, Vickie Stomberg, Gary Savaloja.