Sunday Mornings

Adult Enrichment Classes
Join us at 11:00 am for a time of prayer, study and fellowship.  Please choose from the following: Grace Adult Enrichment Classes

We believe that meeting together each Sunday in Enrichment Classes gives our congregation the opportunity to study God’s Word with other like-minded persons in an intimate setting. We have 4 classes—designed for people of all age groups and interests. They are a place where:

·      The Word is carefully taught

·      Worldviews are impacted and changed

·      Shepherding and personal care occur

·      Spiritual gifts are used

·      Opportunities to serve Christ and one another are plentiful

Each of our Enrichment Class teachers and leaders are carefully and prayerfully selected to serve in their areas of giftedness, and humbly serve underneath the authority of our Council of Elders and Pastoral Team.

These classes all take place immediately following our worship service at 11 A.M. and will run until approximately 11:45 A.M (we can’t guarantee that they occasionally won’t go a little longer).

Gospel Powered Parenting

Are you a father/mother? Son/daughter? Brother/sister? Grandma/Grandpa? Aunt/Uncle?  Perhaps this time of enrichment is for you.  How does the Gospel apply to the family?  Using the book Gospel Powered Parenting as a guide, we will look at the Book and wrestle with the Gospel in everyday familial relationship.  Hope to see you there. 

  This class will be taught by Tim Spark & Matthew Morken in the Youth Room (Upstairs)


How To Study The Bible: Unleashing God’s Word in Your Life

“We begin with the premise that God is, that He can be known, and that He has something to say to us.”

Knowing God begins and ends with knowing His self-revelation of Himself, we call that; the Bible. To many the Bible is difficult to read and even more difficult to understand. Some of that of course is true but it does not have to be so. With some truly basic understandings of how we handle such an ancient book as the Bible we can begin to unlock all kinds of riches that God intends for us to know.

  Join us for a 13 week study on How to Study the Bible - Unleashing God’s Word in Your Life and learn how to tap into this glorious supernatural tool that God has given to mankind for His glory and your satisfaction.

  This class will be taught by Ray Russell in the Gym


JOY Fellowship

Is a class that has been meeting on Sunday mornings at Grace for more than four years.  The group has typically consisted of “older than average” persons, i.e. “fiftyish and up”, but individuals of all ages are welcome, JOY leaders make a concerted effort to engage members of the group in study as well as ministry activities.  For example, group members participate in a variety of hands-on ministry service activities such as Feed My Starving Children, Samaritan’s Purse, and food drives for the Northland Rescue Mission.  The Metro Naga Bible Community Church in Naga City, Philippines, continues to receive strong support from JOY.  The greatest percentage of our time together is given to discussion-driven, biblical teaching.  This year, our topic of focus is “The Actions of the Holy Spirit in the Early Church”.  We’d be excited to have you join JOY!

  This class is taught by Ed Carlson and Ken Ruit in Room 2


Getting to Know Grace

So what are you looking for in a church? You might not have thought about that question lately but it is an important question. In this class we will look into the Scriptures to define a healthy church and at the same time help you come to understand more about us as a church. This class will delve into our doctrinal beliefs that guide us in all that we do. Along with that you will get the chance to ask questions about why we do what we do and at the same time meet others who may or may not be new to Grace.

  This class is taught by Rich Kinney and Rahn Farder in the Gym

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