Our aim is for the “sound” of Grace to be driven by the sound of redeemed people singing…
The ever increasing and dominant tradition of music in the broader church today can be helpfully labeled as “Praise and Worship.” Greg Scheer, in his book called “The Art of Worship,” defines Praise and Worship music as:

“The lyrics are uplifting, the beat is modern but tame, and the vocals feature rich harmonies. Essentially, it is easy-listening music played by a pop band in a church.”

This is the current music setting for corporate worship at Grace Baptist Church. On a typical Sunday we support the singing of the church with a band that features adequately amplified guitars, piano, keyboard, and drums. Our goal is to create sounds and rhythms that appropriately frame and give musical life to the words that we are singing. When appropriate and necessary our singing will be high energy, fast tempo, backed with full instrumentation. At other times, our singing will be prayerful, reflective, with limited support from the band.

We value old and new at Grace. Our singing incorporates lyrics from:

  • Time-tested traditional hymns and gospel songs from 2000+ years of Church history
  • Praise songs from the last couple of decades
  • Fresh worship anthems of today
  • Some homegrown songs as well

Whether old or new, we aim for the content and truth of our songs to take precedent over style and popularity.