Ministry Overview

“Love the LORD your God with all of your heart and with all of your soul and with all of your mind” is a command every disciple of Jesus Christ is called to obey. This is a mandate to worship God. Worship is responding to God with actions, attitudes, and affections that glorify God in every area of life. Worship does not just take place at a certain location at a certain time. For Christians, worship happens everywhere, all of the time. As The Church, we are called to gather regularly in local assemblies for spiritual edification and mutual encouragement. Our meetings at Grace are designed as a way to continue our worship of God together and fuel our worship as we go our separate ways into life and the world. Corporate singing is one form of worship that the gathered church does together. It is this corporate form of worship that our ministry primarily devotes its effort to help make fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ at Grace Baptist Church.


As a ministry team we seek to faithfully lead Grace Baptist Church in worship through corporate singing that is increasingly marked by the following characteristics:

  • God is supremely central
  • Jesus Christ is passionately exalted
  • The Holy Spirit is prayerfully and powerfully engaged
  • The gospel is joyfully proclaimed and celebrated
  • Life transformation is earnestly pursued
  • The Scriptures are incorporated and faithfully taught
  • All generations are genuinely valued and connected
  • Substance takes priority over style
  • Music is supportive, excellent, and non-distracting

It is our conviction that to the degree these characteristics are true of the worship ministry at Grace, full devoted disciples of Jesus Christ will be made. That is to say, unbelievers will come under the conviction of sin and won to the grace and righteousness of Jesus Christ. Backsliders will be called to repentance and receive the loving embrace of our Father in heaven. Lukewarm believers will be awakened to live radical lives for Jesus. Tired and weary saints will be encouraged to persevere and trust Christ fully until the end.