About the Revolution

We call our student ministry (6th - 12th grade) ‘Revolution’ for a few key reasons.

First, revolution means an intense internal battle the results in significant change.  That change is heart change.  We recognize that Christ is the only hope for personal revolution. A Christ-centered life is a life that has been transformed completely… turned upside down. He has graciously transferred us from darkness to light and the life of the renewed in spirit can never be the same.

Second, revolution indicates movement and, for us, symbolizes the need to reproduce our life in the lives of others. We embrace the need to be mentored and the mandate to be a mentor to others. This circular reproduction of character, truth, and life is vital in the life of the Christian.

Finally, if we are committed to a Christ-saturated life leading to personal revolution, and then intentionally reproduce that life in others, we pray toward and trust that God will use us to impact the world around us in a revolutionary manner.