Evening Service at Grace

Why An Evening Service?

Starting September 8th, Grace will begin having an evening service the second Sunday of the month. After a potluck at 5 PM in the Fellowship Hall we’ll gather in the Worship Center from 6-7 PM for a time of praise, prayer, and hearing from God’s Word. As we read in Acts 2:42, the...
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Fellowship of the Unashamed

As quoted in a recent sermon, the below comes from the pen of an unknown pastor in Zimbabwe who was martyred. As the story goes, the note was later found in his desk. I am part of the fellowship of the unashamed. I have Holy Spirit power. The die has been cast. I have stepped...
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Bible Study Tools

As a part of our How to Study the Bible Enrichment Hour class we discussed some helpful tools to enrich your study of Scripture. Here’s the list: STUDY BIBLES Take special note of book introductions Utilize cross-references to other passages Remember, the notes aren’t...
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Baptist Church History

A Brief History of the Baptist Church

Although some have assumed that the Baptist denomination is related to the historical Anabaptist movement, this is not the case. While there are some similarities, the differences in theology and in historical development are significant. Religious affiliations descending from...
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Inviting Others To Church

Despite all the changes in the culture and in technology over the years, the single most effective means of getting someone to come to church has remained the same: a personal invitation. Consider these statistics: In North Dakota, about 1/3 of people attend church just a few...
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Protestant Reformers Wall in Geneva

The Reformers Were Far From Perfect

As we continue in our sermon series on “Why The Reformation still Matters,” it is important for us to acknowledge that Reformers like Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, and Knox were far from perfect. These were imperfect men. All figures of history are, and church history is no exception:...
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Recommended Reformation Reading

Recommended Reading on the Reformation

As we begin our fall teaching series on Why the Reformation Still Matters we are recommending two books that you may want to consider reading. The first was recommended earlier this summer, and many have already started it. Why the Reformation Still Matters In 1517, a German monk...
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Is the Bible Just Another Book?

Is the Bible Just Another Book?

One of the most common claims heard today is that the Bible is merely a collection of contradictory human writings with no coherent structure. Even believers sometimes express frustration because they cannot understand how these various writings fit together. They cannot see t...
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New Elder Marty Bruns

Welcoming Marty Bruns to the Elder Team

We are pleased to welcome Marty Bruns to the elder team here at Grace! Marty has been heavily involved in many activities of the church for a number of years, and he has been particularly active in our Men’s Ministry. After a careful process, we are confident that God has...
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Grace Weekly Newsletter

New: Weekly Email Newsletters

We’re rolling out a weekly email newsletter to help keep you informed about everything going on Grace! The weekly newsletter will show you what’s happening each week at Grace, include helpful resources, and provide updates on ministries and upcoming events. This is...
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