2021 Bible Reading Plan

2021 Bible Reading Plan

Looking for a new Bible reading plan for 2021? Here’s one I recommend.

The Five Day Bible Reading Plan is set up so you have two catch-up days built into every week. If you stick with the plan, you’ll read through the entire Bible in 12 months. While deeper Bible study is still important, a plan like this will allow you to become familiar with the whole of Scripture.

Another nice feature of this plan is that it is  chronological (pretty much). Some adjustments are made, such as interspersing the Gospels throughout the year, but for the most part this layout will allow you to get a better grasp on when Biblical events happen in relation to one another.

Finally, this plan is convenient. It is free, well laid out, and can easily be printed out and kept in your Bible to keep track of your progress.

You can learn more about the reading plan at FiveDayBibleReading.com, download the PDF below, or pick up a copy in the hallway on Sunday.

Interested in some other reading plan options?

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