5 Christian Podcasts Worth a Listen

5 Christian Podcasts Worth a Listen

There are a thousands of Christian podcasts available online. How can you know which ones are worth checking out?

Here are five podcasts that you may want to try the next time you’re in the car, doing some yard work, or just looking for something helpful to listen to:

Stand To Reason

Greg Koukl’s weekly call-in apologetics show offers an open public forum on ethics, values, and religion. Each show is about 2 hours long and covers a wide range of interesting topics.

The Briefing

Put out each weekday by Al Mohler, President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, the Briefing is an intelligent look at the top news stories as analyzed through the Christian worldview. This is an excellent way to stay informed of current events and maintain a biblical outlook regarding our culture.

Grace To You

Each day a new sermon from John MacArthur is put out. These excellent expository sermons are 30 minutes in length and provide solid, biblical teaching.

Renewing Your Mind

Though many of these broadcasts are the sermons of R.C. Sproul, they provide enough deeply theological content to be put in the theology category vs. the list of preachers.

Ask Pastor John

Out each weekday, this podcast features daily interviews with John Piper where he answers tough theological and pastoral questions.

So there you have it. The next time you are heading on a road trip or looking to spend some down time wisely, check out some of these podcasts and get some great teaching on your phone or computer. Looking for more? Check out the Big List of Christian Podcasts.

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