Bible Study Tools

Bible Study Tools

As a part of our How to Study the Bible Enrichment Hour class we discussed some helpful tools to enrich your study of Scripture. Here’s the list:


  • Take special note of book introductions
  • Utilize cross-references to other passages
  • Remember, the notes aren’t inspired!
  • Know the theological leanings of your study Bible

The MacArthur Study Bible

  • Contains more footnotes than many other study Bibles
  • Provides a condensed version of John MacArthur’s New Testament commentaries

Reformation Study Bible

  • This Bible is produced by Ligonier Ministries
  • Contains articles throughout on important theological issues
  • Book introductions are especially helpful

ESV Study Bible

  • A tremendous study Bible
  • Superior theological articles
  • The footnotes are very well-written

Holman Christian Standard Study Bible

  • Provides excellent word studies on important words in the Greek and Hebrew



The Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary

The Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary features 5,000 articles from leading evangelical scholars.

Nelson’s Compact Series: Compact Bible Dictionary

An Introduction to the Old Testament – Longman & Dillard

Provides an introduction to historical background, literary analysis, and theological messages for each book in the Old Testament.

An Introduction to the New Testament – Carson & Moo

An overview of the content, structure, and theological contribution for each New Testament book. Also provides historical background information and scholarly issues.


The Bible Project
(YouTube channel;

When starting out in a new book of the Bible, it is always helpful to get an overview first. In addition to using the introduction in your study Bible or commentary, these short videos do a great job of giving the background information and structure of each book.

Look at the Book
John Piper at

After you’ve had a chance to study the passage, watch John Piper work through the text in these short videos. Take note of the questions he asks, the connections he makes, and the conclusions he draws. This will help you grow in your skills of observation, interpretation, and application.

Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible provides tools for word studies, commentaries, encyclopedias, timelines, maps, articles, and more. Great tool for enhancing your Bible study.

  • Cautions For Word Studies:
    • Don’t assume that a word means the same thing in every context
    • Like English, Greek and Hebrew words have a wide range of meaning depending on context (think of the word ‘bank’ in English)
    • One biblical author may use a word in a slightly different way than another
    • Remember, the definition of a word may change over time
    • Greek and Hebrew are not like English – The same word may mean very different things depending on the mood, tense, voice, etc.


Listening to sermons can be an excellent way to dig deeper into a passage as you benefit from the observation, interpretation, and application of faithful expositors of God’s Word.

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