Introducing Titus 2 Mentoring

Introducing Titus 2 Mentoring

Were you unable to make it to the Women’s Ministry kick-off at Grace? Below you can listen to audio from the gathering and learn more about Titus 2 Mentoring.

Titus 2 Mentoring

Our hope is that our time together helped you see one way you are called to be intentional as a woman – and that is purposefully investing in other women to help one another grow in Christ-likeness and Godly womanhood.

Are you wondering where to begin?

We encourage you to first take a look at the relationships you already have and see if you can be more intentional with those. You could also think about the ladies in your Life Group – as that is the ideal place for discipleship relationships to take place.

If you would like more assistance connecting with someone we have a great opportunity we’d like to share!

Introducing….Titus 2 Mentoring!

Titus 2 Mentoring is a mentoring opportunity designed to assist ladies 18 and older to get connected with a small group of women from a variety of age-ranges for the purpose of discipleship.

How does it work?

  • Sign up here by Sunday October 4th
  • Ladies who have signed-up will be put into small groups that include a mentor and 2-3 other gals of varying ages
  • You will hear from your assigned mentor shortly after October 14th
  • Every 6 months we’ll have an opportunity for new groups to be formed
    • If you would like to transition to become a mentor you can reapply
    • If you are in a mentoring group then you keep going. There is no end date to existing groups in order to foster long-term relationships
  • If you’d like to be a mentor please designate that on the form and you will be contacted to be equipped

Mentor Expectations

  • Prioritize your own walk with the Lord.
  • Establish healthy boundaries for your own personal life/family.
  • Weekly communication with gals (text, in-person, call, notes).
  • Hold the group accountable for spiritual growth/disciplines (prayer & Bible reading/study).
  • Regularly pray for gals in your group.
  • Meet-up as a group for spiritual growth & conversation bi-monthly.
  • Include home-bound lady assigned to your group as often as possible.
    • Seek out ways to serve this woman
    • Ask for her wisdom on topics
    • Encourage other ladies in the group to send her notes

Mentor and those being Mentored Expectations

  • Be honest and open with your group for the purpose of growing closer to the Lord together.
  • Respond to communication from other gals in your group.
  • Humbly accept Godly counsel and instruction from the other women.
  • Grow in your faithfulness to spiritual disciplines.
  • Actively seek opportunities to encourage and serve the women in your group.
  • Practice confidentiality regarding all sensitive content discussed in the group.
  • When you offend or are offended, practice biblical peacemaking principles to seek reconciliation and accept responsibility for your portion of the offense.
  • Build community by:
    • Intentionally find ways to serve the ladies in your group.
    • Encourage each other to meet one another’s needs
      (watch kids, visits, bring meals, help with household chores, help study for exams, etc)

For our youth ladies, we haven’t forgotten you! We want to encourage you to do 2 things:

  1. Remember that your mother is your God-given primary mentor! God’s design is for you to learn godliness and womanhood from your parents. Be bold and trust God in this.
  2. With the help of your mom, seek out another, older lady from the church to supplement the in-home discipleship.

For those of you who are youth-age or have youth-age ladies in your home, know that we are here to assist you in this endeavor to be your daughter’s primary disciple-maker! If you’d like more guidance on how to do this please feel free to reach out to Amanda Kraby, Pastor Clay, or one of the other elders.

As a quick recap- this year the women’s ministry will be challenging you to be purposeful in living-out your calling as a woman. Today we are challenging you to seek out Titus 2 relationships – aka intentional mentoring/discipling relationships.

If you are an adult woman start with relationships you already have or build into your Life Group. Or you can take advantage of our Titus 2 Mentoring opportunity.

If you are still living at home with your parents then reach-out to your parents and seek their guidance in finding an adult mentor.

Are you not involved in a Life Group? No fear! On Sunday, October 4th we will have a church-wide Kick-Off Sunday where you can learn more about different ways to get connected – including small groups. You can also contact Pastor Clay to get more info on that.

Please sign-up for Titus 2 Mentoring below by October 4th.