Inviting Others To Church

Inviting Others To Church

Despite all the changes in the culture and in technology over the years, the single most effective means of getting someone to come to church has remained the same: a personal invitation.

Consider these statistics:

  • In North Dakota, about 1/3 of people attend church just a few times a year. Another third seldom or never attend a worship service.
  • On average, over 75% of those who begin attending church say they started coming because someone invited them.
  • In a national survey, roughly half of the unchurched (those who have not attended a service in the past six months) say they are likely to accept a personal invitation from a family member, friend or neighbor to attend church.
  • Despite this, close to three quarters of unchurched adults in the U. S. are never invited to church, and few church-goers regularly invite others.

To help us all be more intentional about inviting others to join us for worship, we have created these simple cards. On one side they simply say “You’re invited.” On the reverse, it has the church’s address, service times, a map, and our website.

The purpose of these cards is not to simply leave them in waiting rooms, in people’s doors, or on their vehicles. After all, it is a personal invitation that brings most new people to church.

These cards are meant to serve as a reminder for you to invite others, as a tool to make the conversation easier, and as a resource to give the person you invited information they need to visit us on Sunday.

We hope that these will be a helpful tool as you have conversations with relatives, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and anyone else that God puts in your path.

You’ll find the cards at the Welcome Desk and near the 24th Ave entrance.

Take One, Invite One.

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