2020 – 2021 Proposed

Church Budget

Hello Grace Family

Here you will find our 2020-2021 proposed faith-ministry budget. It is a ministry budget in that our mission to make disciples who glorify God in everything they do drives every aspect of our budget. It is a faith budget in that we are totally reliant on God to provide for us in every area.
As we continue to strive to be a Biblically-functioning community, we have put together a budget that we believe will honor God and help us grow in every facet of that endeavor!
We do understand this year is one that comes with much uncertainty as we try to plan how we will carry out our God-mandated mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ in the months ahead. Yet we know that who we are called to be and what we are called to do does not change and will not change no matter what the circumstances.
So we have tried to plan accordingly and we will be flexible in our planning and not hold too tightly to our plans. We fully understand that we are saying, “If the Lord wills, we will live and do this or that” (James 4:15).