Enrichment Hour

Sundays at 11 AM

Join us Sunday mornings after the service
for a time of study and fellowship.

We believe that meeting together each Sunday in Enrichment Classes gives us the opportunity to study God’s Word more closely and apply Scripture to our lives in helpful, practical ways.

In our Enrichment Hour Classes, we:

  • Carefully teach the Word of God
  • Examine how Scripture impacts our worldview
  • Discuss how to apply the truth of the Bible to our everyday lives
  • Encourage one another in our walk with the Lord
  • Grow in our knowledge and understanding of the Bible and our Savior


Next Class: Learning to Love the Psalms (Starting Jan 10)


Join us as we gain a greater appreciation for the book of Psalms through this helpful video series taught by Dr. Robert Godfrey. In this class, we will learn to better love the song-book of Scripture through a study of the themes, structure, and beauty of the Psalms.

Each class will include a 25-minute video followed by interaction and discussion.

Note: Because this is a video-based class, we will not livestream the Enrichment Hour. However, each session is available to listen to or watch online for free from Ligonier. View class videos.

Class Outline

  • Introduction (Part 1): Attractions & Difficulties
  • Introduction (Part 2): Solving Difficulties
  • Psalm 11: The Power of Poetry
  • Psalms 26 & 39: Peculiar Psalms
  • Psalms 49 & 50: All the World & All the People
  • Psalm 52: The Psalms & History
  • Psalm 77: Questions in Grief
  • Psalm 81: The Word at the Center
  • Psalms 91 & 93: God Is Protector & King
  • Psalm 94: Comfort from the Future
  • Psalm 127: The Lord’s Beloved
  • God Is All