At Grace, we see Life Groups as being among the best opportunities for followers of Christ to experience the community and accountability that is described in the New Testament.

It is often within the context of a Life Group that you can best know and serve others in the church, find others who will fervently and consistently pray with and for you, learn how to apply to the truths of Scripture to everyday life, be encouraged in evangelism, be reminded of God’s truth in hard times, and be drawn towards greater spiritual maturity.

We encourage you to be involved in one of the several groups that meet throughout the week:

Anderson Life Group meets the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. The location rotates between homes. Contact Nate or Cassie Anderson.

Bruns Life Group meets every other Monday evening. The location rotates between homes. Contact Marty  or Judi Bruns.

Singer Life Group meets every other Monday at 7pm @ Singer’s Home

Cullen/Lambert Life Group meets on Sundays. Contact Tim/Shelly Cullen or Mike/Suzanne Lambert.

Fewster Life Group meets every other Sunday at 3:30pm at the Fewster home. Contact: Dave or Angie Fewster.

Weiss Life Group meets the third Sunday of the month at 5:30pm at the Weiss home. Contact Brian or Richel Weiss.

Zavoral Life Group Sunday evenings, meetings TBD. Contact Paul or Peggy Zavoral.