Welcome to AWANA at Grace

Wednesday Nights starting at 6:25

Welcome to AWANA at Grace Baptist Church in Grand Forks, North Dakota. AWANA is a Wednesday evening Bible-centered program for children age 3 years through 6th grade that focuses on learning God’s Word in a fun atmosphere.

Each week, AWANA provides consistent, positive teaching and training that stresses strong moral and spiritual values. Our clubbers learn about the reality of God and the truth of the Bible.

What We Value

  • We will glorify God and serve the body of Christ by committing ourselves to these values.
  • We proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ with clarity and urgency.
  • We commit to God’s Word as our guide and standard.
  • We treat all people as created and loved by God.
  • We maintain a servant heart in all we do.
  • We manage God’s resources with faithfulness and integrity.
  • We pursue excellence as unto the Lord.

Our Hope

That all children and youth throughout the world will come, grow and go, glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

Partnering with parents to make disciples who glorify God in all they do.

Our Mission

To work with our ministry supporters in creating and teaching our leaders and parents to evangelize and disciple children and youth for Christ.

A Typical AWANA Evening

1. Game Time

Every AWANA meeting has a segment of fun team competition. Organized games get all of the children to participate, unleashing natural energy, a sense of enthusiasm, and an atmosphere of having fun.

2. Handbook Time

Using achievement oriented learning segments, AWANA training emphasizes the importance of God and His Word for sound living. Clubbers progress through workbooks at their own pace, and leaders meet with them individually to go over what they have learned.

3. Council Time

Council time begins with a group Bible lesson and is followed by awards and recognition for individual handbook progress.

A Note to Parents

Week by week, your children will grow spiritually as they learn Bible verses. Experience shows that encouragement from a parent will make a big difference in the spiritual growth of your children. Please set aside time each week to help your children study their workbooks.

Our Leaders

Please feel to speak to one of our directors or leaders for more information on AWANA. We would be glad to have you observe an evening with us.

CommanderThomas McNaughton
SecretariesCindy McNaughton and Richel Weiss
Cubbies DirectorNatasha Mathsen
Sparks Director:Judy Patterson
Truth & Training
Chums / Guards
Lori Murphy
Truth & Training
Pals / Pioneers
Tim Cullen
Joint Council Time
Thomas McNaughton