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Pastoral Transition Updates

Below you will find the latest updates and information on the pastoral transition process.

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Candidate Weekend

The Pastoral Calling Committee is pleased to introduce Pastor Michael Eddy along with his wife Natalie to the body at Grace Baptist Church as he candidates for the position of Interim Lead Pastor.

Pastor Mike is a graduate (M.Div.) of Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana.  He has almost 40 years of experience in ministry.

As a Lead (Senior) Pastor, he has served New Life Bible Church (Pinellas Park, FL), Valley View Village Church (Valley View, OH), Barboursvillle Baptist Church (Barboursville, WV), First Baptist Church (Valparaiso, IN) and Valparaiso Community Church (Valparaiso, IN).

Pastor Mike has served five churches as Interim Pastor since he joined Interim Pastor Ministries in 2014. Most recently he is completing his interim role at Dartmouth Bible Church (N. Dartmouth, MA)

Pastor Mike’s giftedness in ministry lies in preaching/teaching, caring for people, working well as part of a ministry team, counseling, leading, evangelism, discipling/mentoring, and bringing resolution in difficult church situations. As he shares his heart for ministry with us, you will see that he values the Word of God above all, loving one another, teamwork in ministry, and glorifying God in everything he does.

Pastor Mike will be candidating here at Grace for the position of Interim Lead Pastor on the weekend of July 11, 2021. He will preach the morning service and then during the Enrichment Hour he will share specifics on the intentional process in which he will engage the church and answer any questions.

A special business meeting will be held on Sunday, July 18, 2021, at 11:00AM where the calling of Pastor Mike Eddy as Interim Lead Pastor will be discussed and then voted upon. 

In anticipation of their visit and the special business meeting, please be in prayer for Pastor Mike and Natalie and for us as a body at Grace Baptist Church as we take this important step in the life of this church.

Upcoming Member Meeting

Sunday, May 9 at 11AM

  • Draft of Annual Budget & Explanation of Approval Process
  • Report from Calling Committee on Pastoral Transition
  • Various Ministry Updates
  • Agenda for Annual Meeting on May 23rd


Previous Member Meeting

Sunday, March 14 at 11AM

  • Update on Transition
  • Report from Calling Committee
  • COVID Guidelines
  • Ministry Updates


January 26, 2021

The Calling Committee has been formed and will begin meeting in the near future. The committee includes the following members:

  • Eric Brynjulson (Chair)
  • Marty Bruns
  • Eddie Gilbert
  • Stephanie Knabe
  • Suzanne Lambert
  • Lori Murphy
  • Warren Roehl
  • Ken Ruit
  • Bonita Shambaugh
  • Todd Singer

For more information on the purpose and mission of the Calling Committee, view the related portion of the church constitution here.

January 17, 2021

A congregational meeting was held to provide information on the pastoral transition process. The first and next step in this process will be the formation of a calling committee.

  • The portion of the Grace Baptist Church constitution relating to the calling of pastoral staff can be downloaded here. The full constitution can be downloaded here.
  • As per the constitution, this committee is headed by an elder. Eric Brynjulson will be the chair.
  • The calling committee will be formed in the coming days. Details on who is on the committee will be shared once the individuals have been asked and agreed to be on it.
  • The goal is for this committee to have been formed and have their first meeting by mid February.

The video of the congregational meeting can be viewed here.

January 10, 2021

At the end of the service on Sunday, Pastor Ray announced his plans to retire at the end of June.

If you were unable to be at or watch the service, you can view his announcement in the video