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Who Is Like Our God? A Study in Micah

Over 2700 years ago the nation of Judah found itself far removed from living out the kind of life that God called them to live. Not only where the rich and powerful taking advantage of the common people but even the more powerful among the common people were taking advantage of their brothers and sisters. They had forgotten about their God Things have not changed much. Oppression and injustice still seem to be more the norm than the exception. When people fail to lead others in just and loving ways, disorder and chaos reign. That is one of the reasons perversity in the modern world seems to get worse and worse. Into that world Micah spoke and he speaks just as clearly to us today. God has called His people to mimic Him and Micah reminds us of who God is and how His people should live.

Come join us for a summer with Micah and be prepared to be challenged and encouraged at the same time because, "Who is like Our God?"

* To get the context of Micah's prophecy read 2 Kings 15-20   

This Week's Sermon:  Pastor Ray Russell         

            "Doing Justice, Loving Kindness & Walking Humbly With God Pt.2"                                                              Micah 7:1-20, 6:8; 2 Tim. 3:2-5