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Discovering The Messiah

         As Christians we are followers of Jesus or what the bible most commonly calls us, His disciples. And as followers of Jesus our aim is to become just like Him, to be conformed to His very person. That is a daunting task but thankfully the Holy Spirit is the one who will make this come about in our lives. But at the same time we must be actively engaged in the process of spiritual transformation. To do this we must be students of our Lord, we must seek to know Him, to know what He said and what He did. There have been many different teachings on which this Jesus of Nazareth actually was. And along with that there is much confusion on what He actually said and did. The voices of the world have been loud and persistent, wanting to lead people away from the truth about who Jesus really is. To that end we must return to the Bible to let Jesus speak for Himself. We need to know the truth about Jesus and the world in which we have been sent by Jesus to be witnesses of Him needs desperately to know the truth about Jesus.

 So come and join us as we open up the gospel of Matthew and let God speak for Himself.   As we do this I believe we will all learn from Him and to come and find rest in Him.            

This week's sermon by: Pastor Ray

Happy Are Those Who Are Directed by Prophetic Vision

Proverbs 29:18; Titus 2:11-15; 1 Peter 2:9-10